Tall Tales of Haslam: The Appointment



Haslam College of Business: A shrine to capitalism and a glowing example of the power rested in the invisible hand. But within these economically sacred walls lies a secret. Whispered tales of horror, shrouded in shadow. Phenomenons known only to those who have had the misfortune to meet what lies beneath us all. Evil.


Sophomore finance major Ryan Myer recently joined business fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi. Excited to finally be involved in the brotherhood, Myers thought nothing of his initiation assignment: spend the night in Haslam. Members of the fraternity warned him to stay in the study room, but Myers, assuming the words of wisdom to be a joke, ignored them. On the day of his task, with a small bag containing only a toothbrush and an approved financial calculator, Myer entered the hallowed halls. His strategy was simple: rent a study room in Haslam and wait for the staff to leave. The clock struck 2:30 A.M. as the sleepless sophomore lay staring at the ceiling. Feeling restless, Myer’s left the safety of his study room and went to explore.


Walking down the halls of the home to the #2 supply chain program in the nation, Myer’s could not help but feel he was being watched. Shaking the paranoia, he continued to explore until a sound from the advising office stopped him dead in his tracks. Thinking that maybe this was the other AKPsi brothers playing a prank, he moved closer. As he approached the office he heard an altercation. “I’m only 2 minutes late! How can my advising appointment have already been cancelled?! Please, I just need to see my advisor for two seconds!” But as he rounded the doorway, no one was there. A cold breeze ran through the building sending a chill down Myer’s spine. Maybe he was just imagining things. Leaning against the wall he tried to control his breathing, but found that demand did not meet the supply. He needed his inhaler. Running back downstairs to the study room, Myer found the door had auto-locked behind him. Curse Haslam’s state-of-the-art facilities. Whipping around in frustration Myer couldn’t help but see a figure strolling down the hall. Desperate, he pursued them. He could hear the shade mumble, “I didn’t mean to be late. It was an accident. Please.” But as Myer reached to get the attention of the student, he was gone. Looking for where he could have disappeared to, Myer noticed a plaque. Looking closer, he saw that the plaque stated: “In memoriam of Brady Conner, who perished waiting for an advising appointment. A determined young man, he claimed he would never leave the building until he had his advising appointment. We honor his commitment to capitalism.” All at once, the building started to shake. “Was it you!?” A voice screamed. “Did you take it!?”. The atrium trees began to bend beneath an unfelt wind as Myer’s sprinted out of the building, never be seen again. I heard he switched to communications.

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