One-Hit Wonder Asher Roth Creates Sequel to Beloved Song

Everyone remembers the first time they heard Asher Roth’s beloved anthem “I Love College”. In one single track, Asher Roth simultaneously summarized and defined the essence of our college years: beer, drugs, and a strong enforcement of rape culture. Originally released in 2009, Roth’s testimony to his collegiate years is catchy and casual; when you and your fraternity brothers chant, “When it comes to condoms, put two on”, you feel like you’re a part of something bigger than yourself. And you are: you’re living the college experience through a beautiful coming-of-age odyssey that molds us into the people we were born to be.


Fans of “I Love College” were thrilled yesterday morning upon hearing the now 32 year old Roth’s announcement: the artist is currently working on a sequel to his beloved song. With a working title of “I Still Love College (And My Dodge Durango)”, fans have no idea what to expect.


“This is great news,” says local fraternity spokesman Kevin Goodson. “My favorite line from ‘I Love College’ is the one where he yells at the freshmen to do something crazy, so I hope the sequel has a line that will move me in a similar way.


“I’m a little confused about the whole Dodge Durango thing,” marketing major Cassie Greene admitted. “Isn’t that just blatant product placement?”


This morning, around 7 AM CST, Roth posted a video to his Instagram story that caused quite the buzz. The 7-second video showed Roth in the studio, singing the following lyrics into the mic.


“I had this one girl completely naked in my Dodge Durango.”


Though the sneak peek was brief, one thing is for certain: Roth is back, he’s not going anywhere, and he loves his Dodge Durango.

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