Fraternity Brother Tempted to Attend Sex Week Seminar, Unsure if That Makes Him Gay or Not

Local fraternity brother Benton Baldwin, KA ’19, is deeply conflicted about attending a Sex Week seminar entitled: ‘Butt Stuff 2.0: The Pegging’. “Ok, well obviously, I’m not into dudes. I’d like to make that, like, really clear. But look, chicks dig adventurous dudes, and I think it’s safe to say this is pretty adventurous,” Baldwin explained in his official statement. “Plus, I get extra credit in my Sociology 101 class for going. Seriously, I get girls all the time. Rush Kappa Alpha Order. Also, again, not gay. Actually, please leave out the part about KA, my big might see this.” Baldwin did not wish to make any further comments at this time.

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