Lupe Fiasco Pulls Out Last Minute, Dave Matthews Band to Headline Volapalooza

The Tangerine and the Volapalooza staff have a storied history. By storied history, of course, I mean we’ve made three years of “Dave Matthews Band headlining” jokes, and they’ve stared at us awkwardly. This has led to some camaraderie between us, however, and they sat down with us late last night to give the details for this Tangerine exclusive. Panic ensued Wednesday afternoon throughout the … Continue reading Lupe Fiasco Pulls Out Last Minute, Dave Matthews Band to Headline Volapalooza

Girls Slut-Shaming Guys

Young men are too promiscuous these days. According to leading social conservatives and sex culture observers, they are all “running around exposing themselves, having sex way younger than we did, and throwing away their purity for a bunch of girls that only want to sleep with them and move on to the next gullible guy that is blinded by hormones and nature’s calling to have … Continue reading Girls Slut-Shaming Guys

Graduation Fire Drill Explained

When people think about the University of Tennessee, their first thought is probably of a large Power T and the glistening bodies of America’s finest football players.  The second image that is conjured at the mention of old UT is the administration’s strict enforcement of fire drills. Any passerby in Knoxville can tell you that the administration loves planning fire drills, and most students are … Continue reading Graduation Fire Drill Explained

A. J. Johnson Not Invited to NFL Draft, Won’t Take No for an Answer

Former University of Tennessee football star A. J. Johnson has officially been turned down by the NFL draft, meaning he will not be drafted to a team to play in the upcoming 2015 season. Johnson, however, has stated that he fully plans on attending anyway. Johnson, who shined as a defensive back while playing for UT, was undoubtedly NFL bound until he was accused of … Continue reading A. J. Johnson Not Invited to NFL Draft, Won’t Take No for an Answer

Student Failing English 420

English 420, the white whale of English classes. Located in the basement of HSS, in an underground room somehow filled with windows, English 420 beckons to students with its loud smells and dank atmosphere. The room is lined with various posters for Sublime and Clerks. On the floor lies an actual drug rug, made of patched-together drug rug hoodies. There’s a CD player that repeats … Continue reading Student Failing English 420

Ayres to Be Renamed Aramark Hall

Dining Services is accustomed to student complaints, but the uproar of student discontent over the implementation of a mandatory purchase of 300 dining dollars beginning Fall 2015 has forced the university to discuss yet another compromise with Aramark. Upperclassmen may remember UT’s first suggestion of an all-students mandatory meal plan and dining dollar purchase in 2013, which was quickly squashed by an angry mob of … Continue reading Ayres to Be Renamed Aramark Hall

Lil Jon Scheduled to be Volapalooza’s Surprise Guest

No surprise to UT’s Student body, Volapalooza is scheduled to happen Friday, April 24th. Volapalooza celebrates the end of classes and the beginning of finals for students. The music festival has planned to have a lineup of Cold War Kids, Bad Suns, Lupe Fiasco, and surprise guest Lil Jon. UT Athletics decided that in order to drum up attendance for the Orange and White game … Continue reading Lil Jon Scheduled to be Volapalooza’s Surprise Guest